Added exceptional design challenges:


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Manufacturing Technology ChallengeFashion Accessories ChallengeTextile ChallengeAsian Challenge
Successful ChallengeAnnual Awards ChallengeThe One and Only ChallengeResearch Challenge
Magazine ChallengeItalians ChallengeUltimate Cars ChallengeBest Aircraft Challenge
Good ChallengeJournal ChallengeSocial and Behavioral Sciences ChallengeAward Challenge
Good ChallengeAward ChallengeGreatest Architecture ChallengeLeading Challenge
The Best of All ChallengeTop Designer ChallengePioneers ChallengePortfolio Challenge
Human Resources ChallengeProsumer Products ChallengeEnergy Products ChallengeResearch Proposals Challenge
Eyewear ChallengeConsumeables ChallengeArchitecture Projects ChallengeArt Works Challenge
Art Portfolio ChallengeAcademical ChallengeCosmetics and Beauty Products ChallengeOutranking Furniture Challenge
Electronic Goods ChallengeTechnical Design ChallengeArt Gallery ChallengeGraphic Advertisements Challenge
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